what the actual fuck is wrong with this team? Brad Richards, probably at some point during the Blackhawks convention (via crazy-joedavola)

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i honestly get so emotional sometimes thinking about ducks and geese like i wonder if they feel so confused and betrayed because huge metal objects just come barreling at them and their children full speed while they’re trying to cross the road to get home like do ducks and geese have therapy it seems like they would need it

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fuck hockey players in backwards hats…

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Hockey boys when their cheeks are pink and their hair is damp and tousled is the best. Like wow I would do you in a heartbeat.

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ok but in 4 years time they will start drafting players born in 2000

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The year is 2428. Ice hockey is now played in levitating ice rinks in the sky. Players are invincible thanks to advances in medical technology. There is no more need for video review as referees have been replaced by sophisticated officiating robots who see all and never get anything wrong. Habs fans are still whining about the Kreider/Price collision.

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